CONSERVATION: Sea’s the day
We all know the beach is a happy place where memories are forged with the ones we love. Many a carefree and creative time has been spent in the sand, in the waves and on the beach. Yet we can’t enjoy ourselves if the beach and the sea aren’t clean and safe. 

The United Nations Climate Change Week Conference  #COP26, held in Glasgow 31st October to 12th November, 2021 under the Presidency of the UK, was a 13-day event that represents the ‘best last chance to get runaway climate change under control’. 

It was a pivotal moment.

Within this immense climate challenge is the need to look after our oceans. They are 70% of our planet, contain myriad species we all enjoy, like whales, seals and dolphins and many more, and habitats, and also represent a great carbon sequestration opportunity. They are not a dumping ground for plastic and other human-derived detritus and waste. So marine conservation and the love of beaches are themes dear to our hearts at We love our beach. 

It's also why we have teamed up with Waterhaul, a Cornwall-based company making stylish sunglasses from reclaimed fishing nets. Frames contain zero % virgin plastic and lenses are designed by renowned Italian lens manufacturer, Barberini. Sea the range here.

If you love the beach, it's important to keep our beaches safe and clean. Hence We love our beach’s involvement in the #GreatBritishBeachClean in September from 17th - 26th. Sea here: Great British Beach Clean. Although the week has passed, the initiatives continue - across the UK. And across the globe. 

Such events highlight the challenges and are not one-off moments. They seek to set goals, realise aspirations and change behaviours - something we can all embrace.  

Hence our new designs - for #COP26 and beyond at beaches everywhere. 

Look good. Feel good. Do good.

Sea’s the day.