We help create happiness wherever the sand meets the sea. 

Our values embody what we do and reinforce our name - We love our beach. 

We love: Creativity  |  Laughter  |  Honesty  |  Helpfulness  |  Nature

And all the good and happiness they inspire. By bringing people together - on the beach.

So we teamed up with:

Waterhaul  |  Make your adventures ocean positive

A Cornwall-based, purpose-led organisation who make cool products, such as a range of sunglasses, from recycled fishing nets (without the fishy bits!) reclaimed from the sea. Their Founder, Harry Dennis, a marine scientist, realised from his conservation work and travel adventures that fishing nets, washed up on shores around the world, was a huge problem. As a frustrated marine conservationist, Waterhaul was founded as every winter beaches close to home were inundated with ghost gear and they were finding lines and offcuts daily. 

Abandoned fishing gear is the most common and most lethal cause of plastic pollution is our oceans. It's a phenomenon known as ‘ghost fishing’ and, is not only unsightly, it causes great harm to marine dwellers. The entangled and trapped marine life will also attract more species, resulting in an ongoing loop of catches. As these discarded nets are produced from plastic, they will not degrade, persisting in the ocean to catch and kill marine life indefinitely.

Clean and safe beaches are a passion of We love our beach. You can't be happy if you don't feel safe and clean. Waterhaul's passion for adventure and purpose inspired us. So it was right We love our beach teamed up with them as it was a creative solution to a common problem and helped bring some better protection to nature, beaches and the oceans - a great source of happiness, therapeutic benefit and bio diversity for us all.

Not to mention their shades are cool, a selected range of which, we're pleased to offer. 

It means you can look good, feel good and do some good. 


Scrunchkids  |  Roll them, fold them, scrunch them

Scrunch is designed specifically to make travelling and storage easy. Goodbye to rigid plastic buckets, balls that cannot be packed into hand luggage, dangly long fishing nets and hard plastic sand moulds – hello to rolling and scrunching, to folding and squashing our amazing products into very small spaces!

Roll them, fold them, scrunch them – pop them in your luggage. Their award-winning Scrunch-bucket is the original recyclable, reusable, bucket for life. Made from 100% silicone which is derived from sand, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable. Squash them in your pocket, squish them into the corner of a suitcase and contribute more to the environment too – what’s not to love about Scrunch!

It's all about the beach and creating memories with the ones you love.