Delivery varies according to location.

UK delivery will take place within 5 working days (normally less) of the date of the order confirmation, save for pre-orders, items made to your specification (where a longer lead time is required) or where a longer period is agreed between us.

EU delivery is normally within 5-10 days and elsewhere 30 days. Although it is expected these are maximums. 

We will endeavour to fulfil your order by this estimated delivery date but we cannot guarantee this. Please make arrangements to receive the delivery safely and securely.

If we do not deliver your product within these working days, or within the other time period agreed between us, you may cancel your order by contacting us using our Returns Form.

If you provide to us any instructions relating to the delivery of your order (including, without limitation, instructions to leave the products in a particular place, outside or with a neighbour), you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of these instructions and we shall not be liable to you in relation to any loss of or damage to the product resulting from our following of your instructions.

Delivery will be deemed complete when we deliver the product to the address you gave us or in accordance with your other instructions.

You will own the product once delivery is complete.

We love our beach will contact you to arrange delivery for pre-orders.