Often referred to as a monster in mythology, this soft sea animal is actually a mollusc with eight limbs, two eyes and a beaked mouth. It's a member of the Cephalopoda class along with squids and cuttlefish. It can radically alter its soft body which allows it to squeeze through small gaps and uses its siphon for both respiration and locomotion by expelling jets of water. It's also intelligent and famous for expelling ink as a defence (the proverbial water-based smoke screen).

Seas the day.

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Size Guide

3-4yrs 5-6yrs 7-8yrs 9-10yrs 11-12yrs
Height 98 112 125 136 147
Chest 60 66 70 75 84


Chest: Measure all around your chest just below your armpits.

Height: Your natural height

If you fall between the sizes, go for the larger of the two.

Product Specification

Certified Organic Cotton t-shirt, 155g/m2. Wash cool and hang dry. GM free. Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived products. Printed in the UK with low-waste printing tech and made in a renewable energy-powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.

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Ollie the Octopus Children's Organic Cotton T-shirt

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