Revealing your thoughts on our designs

Revealing your thoughts on our designs

Andrew Clarke

They are all amazing! Like nothing I’ve seen before!!"

A whale-sized thanks to everyone who has completed our recent survey. As a plankton-sized startup trying to navigate the big ocean, your help really does mean a lot to us - so thank you again for your kindness.

Your responses were brilliant. We’ve learned a thing or three that’s for ‘shore’.

We’re also hoping to repay you by listening and taking on-board every single grain of your feedback. 

Those grains will make a beach one day and we’ll build it together. 

So take a ‘looksea’ at some of the results.

Your favourite design is… (a hearty drumroll please)

We got some lovely answers to ‘why’ you selected your answers - thank you.

One heartwarming and lovely answer that sums up our views perfectly said this:

“I can’t pick one I don’t think as they are all fabulous.”

Thank you, lovely human.

In the end, a clear winner did emerge. And here she is...

She’s a beauty alright. Yes, Vitamin Sea is your favourite We love our beach design.

Following up behind are Life’s A Beach, Shore Thing and Fine & Sandy.


Take a windbreak with you!

A whopping 94% of you are planning a staycation in the next 24 months. Amazing! Long may it last.

Seems like our article on A Billion Reasons to Staycation hit the mark. Or perhaps it was just one of many waves bringing a tide of staycation bookings in?!

Whatever our impact on the British holiday economy (we’ll mention it to Boris separately), we were absolutely delighted to ‘sea’ that 80% of you ‘like’ the We love our beach collection ‘a lot’!

Perhaps why so many of you suggested you would like to purchase one of these delightful and witty beach windbreaks!

If you were one of the excellent people who selected that fine answer don’t forget that you can pre-order for Spring 2021.

Pre-orders made prior to October 31st will benefit from 20% off, so get moving quickly!


Family staycations

Most of you suggested you will be purchasing your beach windbreak for your family. We’re in the same boat. A beach windbreak is a fantastic and practical piece of equipment, providing a little protection, privacy and helping you carve out a small slice of the sand to call your own. 

Pop it up on your favourite beach and begin to chill and unwind. You’ll begin to realise life really is a beach. Enjoy the Vitamin Sea, you’ve earned it.

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