A billion reasons staycation (at least)

A billion reasons staycation (at least)

Andrew Clarke

Every cloud has a silver lining so at We love our beach we always look on the bright side of the surf. Life’s a beach after all!

It’s no secret to us British beach bums that our green and pleasant land also has golden corners filled with sea, sand and (increasingly) sun too. Picturesque and beautiful holiday spots abound, if you know where to ‘looksea’.




The 2020 holiday season has proved disappointing. Indeed 19 percent of would-be British holidaymakers have cancelled their international travel plans due to, well, you know what.

Yet, as always the ‘tide’ is turning. Research from a 2020 Market Report suggesting we’re set to see a huge ‘wave’ of Brits choosing to holiday at home this summer.

It’s termed the ‘staycation’; the practice of holidaying in your home country. 

Hopefully, you’re not thinking recent packed beaches at Bournemouth and elsewhere!! PLS. Post lockdown syndrome! Yet there is a huge benefit to this trend. The report suggests the boom in staycations could contribute over £8 billion to the British economy. 

Enough to buy a fair few windbreaks *ahem*.

According to the report, the growth in staycations started as early as March. Savvy Brits (you’ll be one of them) quickly figured out that international travel would be tricky for the foreseeable future. Indeed, during March - the UK’s first full lockdown month - there were 2,700 extra searches for the term ‘staycation’.

It may simply be a ‘lockdown trend’ but it’s rather helpful to those whose livelihoods rely on tourism in Britain’s beauty spots. 

Possibly less ‘swell’ for those of us who already knew the perks of holidaying at home… 

According to the Research,, the regions seeing the biggest increase in bookings were:

  • Devon +86 percent
  • Isle of Wight +40 percent
  • Kent and East Sussex +38 percent
  • Cornwall +33 percent
  • Scotland +30 percent

So it’s worth staying for a staycation, keeping it chilled and taking a ‘looksea’ at what Britain has to offer. We’re rather blessed on our little island. So make the most of the ease of holidaying at home and ‘sea’s the day’. Memories are made of this, as the song goes. 

If you are off to the beach, you might want to take a little bit of protection. Carve out your own ‘island in the sand’ with a windbreak with words, discover the range today. And make a statement in a sea of sameness. 

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